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Response Incentives
The offer is direct marketing’s second-most important element. However, sometimes little time goes into it, especially compared to creative development.

Time is precious today for all of us. We reward clients’ customers and prospects for filling out a few questions to qualify or disqualify themselves or complete a survey.
Because we acquired 3M’s Direct Response Marketing business 30 years ago, we sometimes utilize 3M products as premiums. For example, including a simple customized 3M Post-it® Note pad or a lens cloth in your direct mail can significantly increase response rates.

We also have used the $50 3M gift box shown on this page as a surprise gift ("$50 gift box of eight time-saving, acclaimed 3M products"). That has worked well for many leading companies because of the:

• Surprise-gift element (What are they going to
  send me?) and established and respected 3M   brand

• Proven value of the items

• Cost effectiveness - less than $20 per box in
  quantities plus S&H
We also guarantee respondents’ satisfaction with the response incentives.

Copyright © 2016 Whitney Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved.