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Client Testimonials
Here's what clients say about the results Whitney Marketing has produced over the last 30 years for leading corporations:

"All of us at CROPLAN GENETICS are amazed that you and your people generated 32% response for that sunflower lead-generation survey project we just completed. I know from our days working together here and previously at Cargill that you and your team produce extraordinary response rates, but no one I talk to has ever heard of response exceeding 20% for a direct mail project that was sent to several thousand major producers. Thanks again for your great work and needing very little input from us during a hectic period when my product managers were out of the country. You helped us increase sunflower sales by more than 31%."

• Program Director, Land O'Lakes

"Your measurable results have been excellent. For example, getting 16% response on that big IT Professional Services project was beyond our wildest expectations. Your lead-generation survey format has exceeded -- in terms of both response rates and cost per lead -- the many other things we have tried with other marketing agencies. Keep up the good work, Les."'

• Direct Marketing Manager, Lawson Software


"Just want to let you know how thrilled we are with the results of the lead-generation survey program your team created for us. The exponential increase in response rates over what we were getting previously from our mailings is very impressive. Equally impressive: the quality of the leads and the meaningful marketing research data that comes from your process. Great job!

We look forward to more successful programs with Whitney Marketing."

• CEO, Packet Motion

"You saved us several million dollars when you found that major sales problem in the first day of your marketing audit here."

• Vice President, Calgary Sun

"Even though you had solid case histories of how this surprise 3M gift worked for others, I was somewhat skeptical. I didn't think there was any way this offer could convince nearly 12% of our subscribers to pay for 26 weeks in advance rather than 13. This was a home run. My thanks to you and your staff for not only proposing this innovative strategy but also implementing it so well."

• Circulation Vice President, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Working with your company has taught many of our people how to better sell and market our product. The Minnesota Twins are extremely appreciative of the time and effort which was put forth in the marketing and promotional ideas that were presented to our organization."

• President, Minnesota Twins

"None of us ever dreamed the recent credit card mailing would pull in 45,000 new accounts. Many have asked me why the program was so successful, especially because we used the same list and offer in prior months. I give credit to your company for your fresh, creative approach in designing and writing the piece, and I can't help but think the execution played a key role as well. We have used many direct marketing companies here over the years, but never have they performed like yours."

• Vice President, US Bank

"When we hired your firm to take over our policyholder survey work, I was confident you could achieve a better response rate than the marketing research firm we had been using. We are delighted with what you have been able to achieve for us. You have literally doubled the response rates from our agents and done many times better than that with our policyholders. Your people also have been a delight to work with on this project."

• Assistant Vice President, ING

"Many talk about helping companies improve their sales and marketing productivity, but your company is one of the few that actually does that. Your leads are two or three times better than leads we generated any other way. And the service is superb."

• Marketing Development Manager, 3M

"We have done many direct mail projects over the years, but none has been nearly as successful or executed as smoothly as the yearlong, lead-generation program you designed and produced for us. I appreciate your staff's attention to detail and the ability to quickly respond to any questions we've had. Thanks again, Les, for a job well done."

• Senior Vice President, Chase

"We never would have believed that the loyalty marketing test program (you did for us) could increase our voluntary Classified usage by more than 50% -- compared to those not solicited. We also generated many new contract customers from the low-volume users. You've made database marketing believers out of us here at the Pioneer Press."

• Classified Advertising Director, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Just a quick note thanking you for the excellent job and service you provided us over the years. You're a class act all the way, Les!"

• Vice President, Wells Fargo

"Use of your services has allowed us to expand the influence of our lean and mean marketing staff to have a greater impact on our overall success. We really appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to work directly with our field sales personnel. You've added a new dimension to our organization."

• Product Manager, Cargill

Copyright © 2016 Whitney Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved.